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      • Alex Nielsen Avatar
        Alex Nielsen
        - Facebook

        Amazing, far better than anything else I’ve tried over the years.

        Lynch Art Avatar
        Lynch Art
        - Facebook

        The red sauce is delicious! The Parmesan cheese, spices and Italian dressing are all delicious! Highly recommend!

        Eva J Herron Avatar
        Eva J Herron
        - Facebook

        This is the best that I have ever served. My family in Lebanon Tn love it. Will buy again soon.

      • Justin Ross Avatar
        Justin Ross
        - Facebook

        Hands down best sauce I have ever had. The Italian dressing is fantastic as well.

        Heather Rae Avatar
        Heather Rae
        - Facebook

        We tried the pasta sauce and Italian dressing and both were fantastic! Highly recommend!

        Chad Lloyd Avatar
        Chad Lloyd
        - Facebook

        Never had a bad experience with any of Papa Rico's items love them all.

      • Vicki Bernholtz Jung Avatar
        Vicki Bernholtz Jung
        - Facebook

        The absolute best sauce ever. I stock up whenever I'm down to one jar.

        Teresa Woods Avatar
        Teresa Woods
        - Facebook

        This is the best sauce I've ever had! I made eggplant parmesan with it tonight. Delish!!!

        Dawn DeBolt-Neighbors Avatar
        Dawn DeBolt-Neighbors
        - Facebook

        Very good sauce and I love the Italian salad dressing too!
        I made chicken parmigiana!

      • Angie Netzel Avatar
        Angie Netzel
        - Facebook

        Every single product is amazing. We go to the Bellevue Farmers Market all the time to buy this stuff. OUR FAVORITE!

        Amanda Davis Avatar
        Amanda Davis
        - Facebook

        The sauce is delicious and goes with such a variety of foods.

        Courtney Nutt Avatar
        Courtney Nutt
        - Facebook

        Amazing spaghetti sauce! My husband and I hate sharing it with the kids still at home. 😂

      • Dennis Schuett Avatar
        Dennis Schuett
        - Facebook

        It’s as good as it gets! Just finished our first jar

        Kiyoko Wrye-Henderson Avatar
        Kiyoko Wrye-Henderson
        - Facebook

        I have used this sauce for sausage & peppers and for dipping! Next will be chicken parm! It is delicious!!!

        Sarah Averill Karnes Avatar
        Sarah Averill Karnes
        - Facebook

        Tastes just like Nana's! Please bring it to the grocery stores on the north side!

      • Jenelle Fitzpatrick Avatar
        Jenelle Fitzpatrick
        - Facebook

        Oh my goodness. The reaper sauce. I've been a $1 Can of Hunt's garlic and herb girl my whole life. I just had no idea what I was missing! Delicioso!

        Ken Sedlak Avatar
        Ken Sedlak
        - Facebook

        Got mine!! 😎 Hy-Vee in Plattsmouth now has Papa Rico’s sauce for us to enjoy!!

        Tracy Rollins Avatar
        Tracy Rollins
        - Facebook

        Exceptional! So thick, dark red, smooth, scrumptious, and locally made! Thank you!

      • Jayte Burns Avatar
        Jayte Burns
        - Facebook

        I’m an instant fan. Love supporting local businesses.

        You need to try his spaghetti sauce. Shadow Lake Hy-Vee in Papillion has it.

        Tracy Barrett Avatar
        Tracy Barrett
        - Facebook

        Love the flavor!!!! I recommend this sauce for everyone to try!!!

        Amee Van Voorhis Avatar
        Amee Van Voorhis
        - Facebook

        I have used both the spices and already made sauce . Enjoyed both.

      • Laurie Dooley-Patrick Avatar
        Laurie Dooley-Patrick
        - Facebook

        We love Papa Rico’s hot red sauce. Best sauce ever! Makes awesome meatball subs and it’s also great in any pasta dish.

        Zach Barrientos Avatar
        Zach Barrientos
        - Facebook

        Have you tried Papa Rico’s? If not, your chances are improving real soon! Follow them and find out when/where/how to try this deliciousness!

        Jenni Dasovic Avatar
        Jenni Dasovic
        - Facebook

        Just made the medium using the seasoning packet and it was amazing! will be buying again!

      • Robert Manning Sr. Avatar
        Robert Manning Sr.
        - Facebook

        You will love it brothers and sisters! So try it !!!!!!!

        Kelly Kat Leisure Avatar
        Kelly Kat Leisure
        - Facebook

        now I've heard nothing but positive things about this sauce, so it's my turn to step up to the plate and go grab some. and what an awesome name. Papa Rico's.

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